Managed Service Model – we do the work

Cellular Optimization takes ownership of the process and results, handling the tasks and technology required to optimize our clients’ cellular services.

“Enablers” versus “Doers”

Most competitors offer tools/technology to clients; their goal is to “enable” clients to optimize their own plans. Cellular Optimization’s approach is based on “doing” rather than “enabling”. Our clients empower us and we do the rest (except the decision making). We provide the discovery, validation, analysis, impact/benefits calculations, implementation with providers, tracking, reporting, etc. And we do it every single month for the life of the relationship!

Two Primary Technology Assets

Proprietary software

Our software leverages our unique database, employs modeling algorithms, usage and trending pattern analysis, and multi-scenario comparisons to explore all options for savings.

Unique Database

Our database of carrier pricing plans and industry-specific special allowances details not only the mainstream plans, but also unadvertised, specialized plans and programs that can be negotiated with providers.

One Outstanding Team

Our expert analysts leverage our technology assets, along with highly refined negotiation strategies and deep industry knowledge, to provide the most cost effective solutions for our clients

Our guarantee:
If we don’t perform, you don’t pay.