Simply put, Cellular Optimization reduces your monthly cell phone bills…while simultaneously eliminating headaches associated with managing your mobile service providers. We take ownership of the process and results, handling the tasks and technology required to optimize your cellular services.

Cellular Optimization is an industry leading consultant and managed service provider in the mobile space. Headquartered in New York with satellite locations in New Jersey and Indiana, we service both domestic and international companies, reducing their mobile expenses. We work directly with all major providers including Verizon, Sprint, ATT, and T-Mobile.

For example, $50,000 a month could become $35,000 a month without sacrificing any services or capabilities.

The process involves virtually no level of effort on your part – Cellular Optimization does it all. Every month we analyze your cell phone bills and use our proprietary software and skilled analysts to minimize your costs. And, we email you monthly reports that provide visibility into every detail of your bills, that automate cost allocations and that manage inventory data, general ledger coding and more. Our pricing model ensures everyone’s interests are aligned. It is performance based, we charge a percent of what we are able to save you. Our technology, investment in R&D and human resource recruiting/development is focused on driving industry leading mobile cost containment tools and techniques.

Cellular Optimization Savings Chart


Our guarantee: “If we don’t perform, you don’t pay.


Cost Optimization

  • Reduces your costs, typically by 20%‐40%

  • Requires NO CHANGE in providers ‐ you stay with the same provider

  • Involves NO CHANGE for your users – they keep the same phone numbers and the same devices they have today

  • NO CHANGE to anything except how much you pay!

  • Managed Service model ‐ we do the work, you make the decisions

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Managed Services

  • Monthly management reporting

  • Procuring devices & managing inventory

  • Canceling/adding new lines & upgrading equipment

  • Resolving billing issues

  • Renegotiating provider agreements ‐ switching providers if appropriate

  • Improving processes ‐ free up time of client personnel

  • Wireless policy consulting ‐ match best practices with organizational goals

  • Consult on and provide procurement for 3rd party services such as mobile security, help desk, full scale MDM, etc.